Come and see what we are all about.

We've been the best of friends since 2005!

The team was launched in 2005 and hasn't looked back since.  We've held tours to Guam, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong and Cebu. We've hosted teams from China and Hong Kong too!
We are an ever changing mix of women from around the globe that has helped spread the sport to women in South Korea.
The Seoul Sisters RFC was first launched on May 1, 2005 with 21 women from 6 different countries in attendance.  At the time, we were coached by three excellent volunteers from the Seoul Survivors RFC. 

Since then our player roster has grown to roughly 45 women, with some making greater commitment than others, depending on their work and study schedules. The ladies that play with us are mostly foreigners and come from various backgrounds and are in different fields of work. 

There are a number of North Americans, but also players from Finland, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, South America, New Zealand, England, Scotland and Ireland.  Many of them are teachers or students, but a few work for embassies, or large Korean companies like Samsung, while others are US military personnel.
While we have catered mostly to the foreign community, the club was also instrumental in helping develop the two Korean women’s teams in the country.  In 2007, when the Korean Rugby Union launched their first official national women’s rugby team, 4 players from the Seoul Sisters were selected to represent the country in the Asian women’s development 7 series. 

Since then, our club side has continued to play exhibition matches against the national team, helping their players earn valuable game time leading up to Asian nation tournaments. 

We have also been instrumental in helping develop a local Korean women’s club side.  We play most of our local matches against their team and often invite their players to play for us in touch rugby tournaments and when playing against incoming contact rugby touring sides.  We truly believe our partnerships have helped develop the sport for women in Korea.